Filmography (2002 - 2001)

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Peter Wingfield - suit and tie

2002 TV series Just Cause “Above the Law”

Peter appeared as Commander Brad Ryan, an arrogant police detective, considered a hero by his fellow officers, but hiding a dark side. Peter’s first acting job using an American accent. Just Cause stars Richard Thomas, and this episode was written by David Abramowitz. PAX TV.

2002 TV series Bliss “Guys and Dolls”

Erotic short stories written and directed by women for Canadian TV. Peter appeared as George, an upper middle-class man seeking anonymous extramarital liaisons at a hotel bar. One evening he propositions a stranded lawyer, played by Jenny Levine. Who will end up in control on an affair that surprises them both? Based on a short story by Miriam Jones. Canadian Showtime.

2001 TV movie The Miracle of the Cards

Based on a true story, Peter plays Ernie Shergold, the father of a young boy stricken with a brain tumor. The family receives wide spread support in the form of get-well cards as the child struggles through operations, and other exhaustive medical treatments. For this performance Peter was nominated for best actor by the Christian Excellence in TV, and for the Canadian Gemini award. PAX TV.

2001 online voice The Methos Chronicles

Peter reprised the voice of Methos, the oldest living immortal, in nine one-minute flash animation segments produced for the Highlander official online Web site.

2001 movie Superbabies—Baby Geniuses 2

Peter’s character, Harris Crowe, is a spin doctor. Directed by Bob Clark III. Sequel featuring John Voight. (Released in 2004)

2001 TV movie The Wedding Dress

The journey of a wedding gown handmade during WWII. The story follows the dress as it enters the lives of six different couples. Peter plays thoughtful widower Steve Blaine, the father of a bride whose dress is switched with this gown. As a result of this mix-up he becomes acquainted with Madelyn, played by Margaret Colin. Also featuring Tyne Daly. CBS TV.

2001 TV movie Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge

Peter plays, Alex, a pleasant fellow with an evolving problem. Sequel starring Debbie Reynolds. Here there be witches, broomsticks, and six foot frogs. A fun time was had by all. Disney.

2001 TV series Night Visions “Still Life”

David Morris, played by Peter, is the perfect spouse, but something strange is happening to his wife. Who is behind this nightmare? Warner Bros./Fox.

2001 movie Edge of Madness

Movie based on the short story, “A Wilderness Station,” by Alice Munro. Peter has a minor role as Scottish Presbyterian Minister, Walter McBain, in this 1800’s period piece about the wages of abuse, and justice. Featuring Paul Johansson. Directed by Anne Wheeler. Produced for the Canadian Film Festival, released on video, 2003. CBC Films.

2001 TV series The Chris Isaak Show “It’s the Music, Stupid!”

In “It’s the Music, Stupid” Chris bids at an auction on a guitar that belonged to Scotty Moore, Elvis’s guitarist, but chokes when the heat is on, and spends the rest of the episode insisting he is not a cheapskate. Peter plays the auctioneer and know-it-all, Denver Lane, who becomes Yola’s brief love interest. Yola once again drives the guy away. Showtime.

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