Filmography (1995 - 1994)

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Peter in Highlander: The Series

1995-1998 TV series Highlander

(20 episodes)
At the beginning of the six-year run of Highlander: the series, immortal Duncan MacLeod saw the world as divided into good and evil. His view of the world was seriously challenged in season three when he meets the oldest living immortal, Methos. Peter’s Methos is a multifaceted character ranging from mild mannered Adam Pierson to “Death on a Horse”. “Yes, oh yes!” Panzer/Davis, syndicated.

1995-1997 Radio The Archers

The Archers is an old British radio tradition. Peter did the voice of the odious Simon Pemberton for a few years and actually received death threats for the widely reviled character. BBC radio.

1995 TV miniseries Over Here

A two-part miniseries set during WW II. Peter plays the humorous, uptight wing commander Ian Tully. Directed by Tony Dow. BBC TV.

1995 TV pilot A Very Open Prison

A pilot for Hat Trick Productions, drama/comedy, Peter portrays Dominic Casement, ambitious assistant to the Home Secretary in charge of Prisons.

1995 TV miniseries Into the Fire

Peter had a small role in this three-part miniseries as Karl Candy, son of a handbag manufacturer who has his factory burned, killing a young man. Karl, “makes living with mouth.” Directed by Jane Howell. BBC TV.

1995 TV series The Lifeboat  “Troubled Waters”

Series was about rescue volunteers on the Welsh coast. Peter again makes the audience bleed for a rotter. He played spoiled Welsh gentry Rufus Meyers-Lloyd. BBC TV.

1994 TV movie Murder in Mind

A therapist is convincing her patients to kill themselves. Peter played detective sergeant Peter Dyson, the “whiz kid,” who goes over a superior officer’s head when the superior becomes involved with the therapist. BBC Screen One.

1994 TV miniseries Crocodile Shoes

(4 episodes)
This seven-part miniseries follows a talent scout for a record company. Peter played talent manager and druggie, Danny, friend of the scout. BBC TV.

1994 TV series Nice Day at the Office

Peter played, Barry, a management consultant, “the god of sales.” BBC TV.

1994 TV miniseries Martin Chuzzlewit

This Dickens’ s tale produced by BBC was changed for PBS. Peter played John Westlock, an apprentice who rises to success. A minor, but important role. BBC TV.

1994 TV Degas and Pissaro Fall Out

An odd half hour drama where Degas and Pissaro are interviewed on TV. The artists being long dead doesn’t appear to be a problem, though they are not happy about being thrown together. Peter portrayed the television producer Philip Pryce-Smith. BBC TV.

1994 TV docudrama Alun Lewis: Death and Beauty

Peter portrays Alun Lewis, the self-tormented Welsh poet, in this beautifully done biography. BBC Wales.

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