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ANY Word: Just type one or more words to find any of the words. [ Find ANY ] is the usual default.

ALL Words: Type more than one word and select [ Find ALL ] to find all of the words. Or you can use Booleans (see below).

EXACT Phrase: “...” You can search for exact phrases by surrounding them in double quotes. Or you can just type the words and select [ Find EXACT phrase ]. Punctuation must be the same to be found between words, for example “Smith, John”

Boolean Operators: +/-
Use + in front of each word or a quoted phrase that you require.
Use - in front of each word that you want to exclude.

Boolean Expressions: AND OR NOT ( )
Use AND, OR, NOT, (, and ) to form a Boolean expression. AND requires, OR allows, NOT excludes.
Use double quotes to protect the words “and”, “or”, or “not” in a phrase.


Gets the documents with

stock market

‘stock’ or ‘market’ or both

“stock market”

the phrase ‘stock market’

+stock +market

‘stock’ and ‘market’

+stock -market

‘stock’ but not ‘market’

+president -“United States”

‘president’ but not ‘United States’

(stock OR market) AND NOT president

‘stock’ or ‘market’, and without ‘president’