PWFC — Let Friendship Thrive

If you are wondering how a group of enthusiastic, but normal, i.e. busy, if not down right over-worked, adults have found the time to form and participate in a fan club for a quiet Welsh actor, you are not alone. We even mystify Peter. Perhaps it is simply a combination of his outstanding acting ability, intelligence, and charisma that drew us together. Or perhaps we are just “easily amused.” The truth is, as a group we jelled. Together we have lively conversations, do good deeds, appreciate our favorite actor, and always “let friendship thrive.”

Here’s the story on how the club began:

Inspired by Peter Wingfield’s bright personality and charm during his first convention appearance at “The Gathering 2,” a Highlander convention, in October 1995, a small group of sleep-deprived Highlander fans in post con deflation, sat in a hotel room and had a cheering thought. Somebody said, “You know what we should do. . .we should start a fan club for Peter”. Responding to this, Linda Wyatt, the first club president, wrote a letter to Peter asking for his permission to start a club. His response? “I would be honoured”.

Expecting only a handful of members, Linda and company were amazed when the club quickly grew along with the popularity of Methos, Peter’s character on Highlander: The Series. They started out thinking there would be about 25 people, maybe 50. When membership hit 75 they were ecstatic. When it hit 100 they looked at each other and said, “ NOW we’re real!” Members started pouring in from all over the world and today membership includes folks on five continents. While membership peaked during the run of Highlander and has declined some since then, it is still a very strong membership that spans the globe.

At Reunion Convention in May, 2000, Linda turned the club over to Vicki Goodwin and a new administrative staff took on the challenge of reorganizing the club from a one or two person operation to a full staff. At the Road Trip Reno convention in October 2002, Rene (Ree) Averett took the reins from Vicki and the new staff is positioning the club for whatever comes.

The intent of the club has always been to foster friendship through our common interest in the career and acting projects of Peter Wingfield. Hence, the club motto “Let Friendship Thrive,” which was taken from a line Methos spoke in the Highlander episode, “Judgment Day.” This approach suits Peter as he prefers the club focus to be on the members rather than on him. While our magazine, LFT, does this, there is plenty of information about Peter, his projects and, when possible, interviews or transcripts of convention questions. The club also spearheads fundraisers to support the Wingfield family’s selected charity.

With Peter’s role in 2007 as Daniel Clifford on the BBC’s popular Holby City and his work in the U.S., we look forward to the club growing, along with his career. We welcome all of Peter’s fans to join us.

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