Filmography (1993 - 1990)

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Peter on Sofa

1993 movie Uncovered

A painting restorer tries to interpret an enigmatic message on an old painting. When people all around her start dying she finds herself caught in two mysteries. Peter portrays Max LaPena a tawdry body builder and prime suspect in the murders. Based on a novel by Arturo Perez Reverte, directed by Jim McBride. CIBY UK/Filmania

1992-1993 theatre The Game of Love and Chance

Peter played Durrant, a chauffeur who loves an older woman of “higher” class. Marivaux’s play was directed by Mike Alfreds and Neil Bartlett. Play toured nationally before running a season at the Cottesloe Theatre.

1992 theatre The Rules of the Game

Peter played Marquis Miglioritti a master swordsman. Playwright Luigi Pirandello, directed by Jonathan Ken. Almelda Theatre, London.

1992 TV movie Trust Me

Film is about Harry Greaves who is writing a book about hit men, so of course he manages to become entangled with them. Peter plays Harry’s yuppie brother Paul. Unlike Harry, Paul is a respectable sort who works for the Defense Department. BBC TV.

1992 TV commercial for Sega

Peter melds with the Sega machine.

1993 TV movie Six Characters in Search of An Author

Peter had a small role, without a name. Fictional characters want a theatre company to bring them to life. Playwright Luigi Pirandello. BBC 2.

1991 theatre Point Valaine

Peter played pilot Martin Welford. Setting is a resort where Welford is recovering from a jungle fever. Playwright Noel Coward. Chicester Festival Theatre.

1991 TV miniseries The Men’s Room

Main character Charity Walton is having an affair with a married man. Peter played her son, Tom, who briefly sneaks around with the “other man’s” daughter. Based on a novel by Annie Oakley. BBC TV.

1991 Radio Going Wrong

Peter is the voice of Guy Curran a cockney tough guy who falls in love with Leo, a smart girl who eventually out grows Guy. She tries to let him off slowly, but he remains obsessed with her. BBC radio 4.

1990-1991 TV series Medics

Peter portrayed medical student Alex Taylor for two seasons. A gifted young man, but he makes some bad choices. All his life he believed that medicine was right for him, “but am I right for medicine?” Granada TV.

1990 TV series Soldier, Soldier

Peter played Lt. Nick Pasco in this popular series for one season. Pasco is young and inexperienced, but conscientious. BBC Central TV.

1990 TV movie Antonia and Jane

Peter’s first film role. Small part as a cabby. Peter claims he got the part because he could drive. BBC TV.