Peter sent this video to talk about the devastating earthquake in Nepal. There but for fortune… A disaster can strike anywhere and the Pacific rim is a very active volcanic area. The 7.8 earthquake has caused so much damage and loss of life. They aftershocks of any earthquake continue to cause more collapse of already damaged structures. In the midst of this are millions of people trying to survive. Among these are around 1 million children who are at risk. Please help us help UNICEF to bring much-needed aid to them.

You can donate through either PayPal or donate at the NGO page at UNICEF from the link near the bottom of the Project Edan page.

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Peter videoed and compiled this documentary from his trip to Guatemala in January 2015. It gives you a good overview of what the medical team did there.


Peter has returned from Guatemala after a fantastic trip and sent this video to say thanks to everyone who sent stuffed toys and good wishes for this trip.

Peter has a few words to say the night before he heads off to South America. He should be sleeping, but instead he recorded this for us. Note that Speedy had no such commitment.

Check it out…


Peter starts a new rotation at UC Irvine.

An update from Peter with all the latest news and a request for support for UNICEF.

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PWFC Donation link – to have your donation credit to the PWFC and Project Edan

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This is the link to Unicef’s donation page and I think you can add that it is for the Ebola Matching Fund.

UNICEF Ebola Matching Fund

A short video from Peter.

A short video from Peter. It’s been a while…