Peter’s Holby City Gazette

Peter appeared on Holby City for one year starting in November 2006. During that year, this section of our Web site featured links, short articles, and interviews related to Peter’s role on the BBC’s popular series. Those items are listed below. The links were current as of the middle of December 2007.

After completing his filming obligations with the BBC for Holby City, Peter said: “The year has been the most extraordinary period work-wise — exciting, challenging and lots of fun. Personally, it’s been very hard being so far away from family for such a long period. Its’ full steam ahead, therefore, in the search for the next role.”

The series continues in the UK on BBC One (but without Peter). It is also broadcast in Australia and possibly a few other European countries that get the BBC. It is not available on BBC America.

What’s Holby City About?

Holby City is a highly successful primetime medical drama, airing on the BBC since 1999. Fifty-two episodes a year are produced with stories revolving around both the medical staff of Holby City Hospital and the patients receiving treatment there. It was originally developed as a spin-off of the popular emergency room drama Casualty which has played in the UK for two decades. Crossover episodes are still occasionally filmed. Stories with an underlying theme of bringing important health issues to public attention are done, as well as stories revolving around the personal lives of the hospital staff. A normal episode would include a story line of a patient’s crisis and resolution mixed with the continuing stories of the hospital staff. Holby City is filmed in London.

An Interview with Peter

Peter talks about his role as Dr. Daniel Clifford. Excerpted from LFT, the PWFC magazine, issue #40.

Before Peter left Holby City in 2007, he filmed a few scenes for use at a later date. Those scenes were used in the episode that aired in March 2008 in the UK. Shortly after the episode aired, Peter answered a few questions for You can read the interview at the Web site by clicking on this link.

UK TV Guide article

The October 7, 2007 edition of TV Guide included an article about the storyline featuring Dan Clifford’s dramatic exit from Holby City. You can read the article here.

Online articles published two articles: “New face in Holby City” and “Peter: You can’t improvise” You can still read them by going to Use the search function and search for “Peter Wingfield”.

“Holby City star’s bad hair days” Read about it on Yahoo UK.

“High drama ahead for Holby’s Clifford” Read about it on What’s on TV UK.

An interview with Peter for the Sunday People

Peter talked about acting and family life in an article published in the Sunday People (newspaper in the UK). You can find an online version at
(Thanks to Cheryl at Holby.TV.)

Interview in the February 2007 issue of The Holby Observer

Peter gave an exclusive interview to the editor of The Holby Observer, the newsletter of the Casualty & Holby City Fan Club. In the interview, Peter related a story about being recognized on the street in Montreal by some people from Russia. They spoke no English and assumed that he spoke Russian, as they had seen him do so on their TV on Highlander. Read the interview on this page.

In the News

An internet article on RedOrbit’s Web site dated January 6, 2007: “Peter Wingfield on Why His Holby Role Fulfils an Ambition HOLBY CITY”

An article from the Sun (formatted as an image—may load slowly)

Interview on Holby.TV dated Tuesday, November 21: “Peter Wingfield Interview”

An article from What’s on TV (formatted as an image—may load slowly)

On the BBC’s Holby City site. . .

Peter’s actor blog with a link to his character’s blog

Part of a performance for Children in Need

Peter joined the Holby City cast members on TV to help raise funds for the BBC Children in Need Appeal. Visit Holby TV Gazette for more information and to see a picture of Peter in hot pink pants.