You can actually hear this one pretty well in spite of the background noise, (there is one place where I can’t quite grasp what Peter says) but for those who have trouble making out the rest of the words, here’s the transcript:

Bev: From Teresa Haycraft – I wonder if this question has ever been asked of you at all. In all of your lifetime, have you ever had long hair?

PW: Yeah, I’ve had long hair.

Bev: How long?

PW: Never as long as Methos in the Horsemen episode flashback. But I had hair when I was… I must have been finishing high school, so I would have been about 17. They have a thing in Europe, an InterRail ticket, where you pay your money for the ticket and you can ride any train right across the continent. I was away for a month or so with just a backpack and a tent and I had long hair before I started and then I didn’t cut my hair, obviously, for the whole time that I was away. So it was at my shoulders, it was pretty shaggy.

Bev: It wasn’t quite the hippie-look, but…

PW: I never had real rock-and-roll hair. But I’ve had long hair. Then, uh… My hair was that kind of length through University, ?? days, then I did… Actually, the summer following I did “As You Like It” as a wrestler in “As You Like It” and I shaved it all off. I shaved it and it was quite disturbing ‘cause about that kind of time “An Officer And A Gentleman” was out and there were… Richard Gere shaves his head in that, you know, when he joins up and there were shots in the movie that I looked at and thought that absolutely could be me. And I’d never thought that… Previously, I’d never thought that I looked like him at all. But with my shaven head, I really looked a lot like Richard Gere with his head shaved.

Ree: A few people have noticed that. You have a similarity…

PW: People have kind of said it; it’s the only time I’ve ever actually sat watching a film and gone “wow, yes, this is kind of true”. So, long hair, short hair – yeah.
Well, thanks for joining everyone.