This is the next to the last question Peter answered at the pre-marathon chat in Vermont in May, 2013. Again, because of all the chatter in the hotel lobby, it is hard to hear Peter, so the entire text (as well as I could make it out) is below:

Question from Anita King – What is the one thing you miss the most about Wales, LA, and Vancouver that you can’t find or get in Vermont?

PW: Sunshine! …About Wales… what do I miss about Wales?…uh… long pause there. I don’t miss a lot about Wales. I am more and more conscious of how shaped I am by my upbringing there. I am who I am because of those experiences and my Welshness, my understanding of culture and the darkness that is inside a lot of us Celts. That – I’m more and more aware of that. And growing up with a different language around you – a really bizarre different language with – rragh and shh sounds. That’s really cool. I like that. I appreciate my cultural heritage more and more. I don’t really miss Cardiff. My mom I talk to every week and I miss not seeing her. It’s been a long time now since I was in the UK. 2008 was the last time I was there for my grandma’s 100th. So, I left Wales because I didn’t miss very much about it.

I miss London. London, I was very happy. It’s a great city and feels like my spiritual home. Vancouver, I miss Vancouver a lot. I loved being in Vancouver. It’s so extraordinarily beautiful. Just breathtaking. I never had any issues with the rainy-ness there. The weather is an issue for a lot of people. A lot of people from LA come to film there and do nothing but grumble about the weather. That was never an issue for me. I love running in the forest when it’s raining. If you drive along the coast road from Vancouver up to Whistler, it’s just staggering. Really cool.

LA… I appreciate LA more and more. It is the city of Satan. There is no two ways about it. It’s a God-forsaken place, but it’s sort of wonderful. It’s full of people that are dreamers and completely messed up, unrealistic and have so many problems. But it’s sort of wonderful. That’s where really interesting stuff happens. It’s also where tragedy happens over and over and over again. The possibility for something extraordinary to happen is there all the time. And it’s very easy to live in a place where they weather is as good as LA. For all the problems that LA has, the absurdity of California government, everything that just doesn’t make any kind of sense, people come. They keep coming every day and the population there is still rising ‘cause it’s nice. It’s easy to deal with just about everything when the sun shines and the sky is blue. You have the Pacific Ocean and waves rolling in. If you can keep perspective, LA is a fantastic place to live. It’s tough to keep perspective. That’s particularly true if you go there when you are young and idealistic ‘cause there’s nothing ideal about it. You go there as a grown up and go there with a family, you’ve got more of a choice.