Peter has a few words to say the night before he heads off to South America. He should be sleeping, but instead he recorded this for us. Note that Speedy had no such commitment.

Check it out…


Peter starts a new rotation at UC Irvine.

An update from Peter with all the latest news and a request for support for UNICEF.

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PWFC Donation link – to have your donation credit to the PWFC and Project Edan

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a line that says:
Please donate online here.
This is the link to Unicef’s donation page and I think you can add that it is for the Ebola Matching Fund.

UNICEF Ebola Matching Fund

A short video from Peter.

A short video from Peter. It’s been a while…

Peter checks in with an update.

Another short video from Peter with a comment on Vermont weather…

Peter’s wrapped up another year of medical school and looks ahead…