In Remembrance ... William Panzer

"Highlander " fans bid a last farewell to the movies and series producer, Bill Panzer on April 15th, 2007,  almost one month after his untimely passing in March.   He was the heart and soul of "Highlander" and he will be greatly missed.

“You know, the Navajo have a saying, the spirit lives so long as someone who lives remembers you.” – Duncan MacLeod, “Through A Glass Darkly”

This one expression is probably on the minds of "Highlander" fans in recent days as we remember Bill Panzer and the joy and friendship he has brought to our lives. 

The Peter Wingfield Fan Club wanted to do something more to remember Mr. Panzer and with Peter’s encouragement, we arranged for a star in the International Star Registry to be dedicated to Mr. Panzer.  While this is not actually a renaming of the star, it is the designation of a star in their registry in his name.  The coordinates for the star that honors Mr. Panzer are below as are the star charts.  The PWFC hopes and wishes that all "Highlander "fans will take the time to locate the star in Ursa Major and reflect on the man who was responsible for bringing the TV series and movies to us. 

 If anyone ever wonders, “who will remember Bill Panzer?” they will know that "Highlander" fans always will hold him in our hearts and in the heavens.

Click on the image for a larger version.


Even if you can't locate the specific star, remember Bill Panzer when you gaze at the stars and remember the gifts his work brought to your lives... especially the friendships that came from the fan communities fostered by "Highlander."

  "Let Friendship Thrive!"

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